Vacuum Technology

TSCC Technology has extensive expertise in respect of vacuum processes and equipment design. Thin film deposition processes often require vacuum equipment for optimizing performance and material utilization.

TSCC Technology is able to engineer vacuum vessels, both in HV and UHV versions. TSCC Technology can also provide concepts and layouts for vacuum pumps, depending on the use of the device. TSCC Technology has experience with wet and dry primary pumps, roots blowers and turbo pumps. We provide flow calculations as well as pump down time analysis. We have the required knowledge and experience in respect of both the deposition processes and the vacuum equipment required. This way we are able to optimize designs in terms of cost of ownership, floor space and material utilization.

Our mechanical engineers have extensive experience and know-how regarding the design and engineering of complex high-tech systems. These engineering challenges include amongst others:

  • Fast Loadlocking concepts in vacuum technology
  • Thermal insulation solutions for high temperature processing
  • Fast index times for substrate handling and automation
  • Structural integrity simulations for vacuum vessels by FEM
  • Seamless pressure control strategy from atmospheric to vacuum conditions